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It’s Thursday finally! Just want to have a one person party with wine watching an old French movie maybe Belles de Jour for tonight. Wondering around and being tipsy, I still want to be glamorous!

IMG_0146 (2)

Velvet is my favorite fabric of all time! I am wearing my black velvet high-waist flowy shorts (looks like a skirt) and a simple crew neck sparkling top. To add more glam (never enough for a one person night), I am wearing pearl studs and a pearl velvet choker. I always like to use a scarf or a tie as a belt. I just grabbed this burgundy tie with green leafy plants tie from my hubby’s closet to add a pop of color. To keep the young vibe, I choose a pair of leather oxford shoes to balance.

IMG_0160 (2)


IMG_0158 (2)



IMG_0163 (2)



Sparkling crew neck top: Zara (similar: metallic top)

Black velvet shorts : Alexander Lewis (similar: velvet midi skirt)

Black oxford leather shoes: Clarks (similar: oxford shoes)






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