“Are you Snow White today?” my hubby asked me today when I was about to go out. He was being nice. However, among all the Disney princess, Snow White is never my favorite.  She is always beautiful, pure and happy, which for me, is only belong to a fairy tale. Plus, she is dumb. Not to offense.

How can she fall for the similar tricks THREE times in a row from the same old lady?! I was asking the question since I was 5 years old.

I want to be beautiful, pure and happy but not dumb. So what would a more sophisticated and modern Snow White wear today? Instead of a puffy shoulder top, she would wear shirts I am sure. I am wearing a stripy light blue shirt underneath a polka dots shirt to add more texture and temperature (a chilly day after rain in the Midwest). Pleated skirt and red shoes still took me to the fairy woods where I could dance around.

Oops I just ate an apple and I feel dizzy now. I guess I am not that smart after all.






Grey pleated skirt: Asos

Red flats: Johnson & Murphy

Polkadots shirt: Uniqlo

Stripy shirt: Uniqlo

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