Do you like Asian gardens or English gardens?

As an Asian myself, I always preferred Asian gardens, spiritual, private and philosophical until I was so addicted to British TV shows happened in Victoria time as a teenager. All the love stories happened in an sunny afternoon or a rainy morning in gardens were the most beautiful and intriguing memories from that time. For me, British gardens are more wild, open and you can see every corners when you stand at a high point. No secrets can be hidden.

As a modern woman, I want to feel more free than those Victorian woman in ruffled dresses and big hats. So I choose a pair of oxford shoes (my favorite kind of shoes of all time) and shorts. The beige jacket is a simpler variation of the long trench coat and I love it! Especially those ruffled edges, now we have something Victorian.





Strip T shirt: Forever 21

Denim overall:  A&F

Beige jacket: Who What Wear

Oxford leather shoes: Clarks

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