No matter how much I love to munch potato chips, Doritos or chocolate, I still can not live without Asian snacks. Crunchy seaweed, dried fruits, Pocky sticks, flavored nuts, mochi balls… My mouth is watering now. It is like a mouse running into a cheese room when I go to an Asian market since I am living in the U.S. now.

What more excited is that as a grown up, you don’t need permissions from your parents about what snacks you can get. Growing up in a family caring so much about diet, I was seldom allowed to have popsicle or ice-cream even in the summer, since “yogurt is better for you” quoted by my mum. Candies and soda were on the top in the list of forbidden food, which I do appreciate it today since I am not really a sweet tooth.





Pink Espadrilles: Soludos

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