I am not a messy person however I am not a OCD person either. My closet has different sections for me to divide dresses, shirts, pants, skirts while they might once in a while be unfolded and stuffed in the corner.

Sometimes, out of a sudden, I would ask myself, wait a minute, where is my XX that I haven’t seen or worn in a while. That’s what I asked myself today about this top. An interesting tweed purple and blue sleeve less top I used to love to wear. I love the color and crop cut and the tussles at the bottom.

I searched through my closet and there the top was waiting for me to wear it again. The feeling when you put it on is like buying a new piece and even better. I matched it with a evenly old skirt with the similar blue color tone.

There it is. I have never wore this whole outfit before even though I have both of the pieces for years. Isn’t it great?





Tweed top: Alice&Alex

Blue skirt: asos

Gold sandals: Fifth City

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