Second year wedding anniversary!

Two years ago on July 24th I had my wedding in the arboretum in Madison and I decided to have an annual tradition wearing white on the anniversary day with my husband. Since we still live in the same city, we came back to the garden our ceremony was at for the past two years to celebrate.

At first I thought maybe I could wear my wedding dress on our anniversary, however, on the other thought, it could be a problem since

  1. I would get bored wearing the same dress every year
  2. I might not fit in the dress some day
  3. I might want to wear white pants some day

This year I was wearing this delicate white silk dress with halter neck and a pair of red lace gloves which I got inspiration from a Japanese music video.

The silver glittering pattern on the dress shines under the sun and I told my hubby that my dress made me looked like a peacock. My hubby agreed and paused a second, said,

“aren’t the beautiful peacocks male?”





White dress: Zara studio

Flats: Zara

Red lace gloves: ebay

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